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Travels through Cretaceous Africa

Fundraiser by Jamale Ijouiher

Dear all, take a moment to look at this fundraiser for Jamale Ijouiher's new book Travels through Cretaceous Africa which has been illustrated by me. We would greately appreciate it if you could support us making this dream come true.

We are now living in a golden age of African palaeontology, were scientists can preform research we could only dream of just a decade ago; but more effort is needed to ensure that these discoveries go mainstream, with many of these discoveries being little known outside of the scientific community.

Travels through Cretaceous Africa is the first children's book to describe the current research and illustrate the ancient fauna & flora of this continent in a fun and educational way; while describing many species of extinct plant and animal seldom seen in the mainstream media.

As a self published book, this project requires funding for not only artwork, but also editing, ISBN numbers as well as registration of my new company; as this is just the first book  from what will be a new publishing house, producing high quality palaeontology textbooks as well as children's educational material.

This project will excite and inspire children in an age when most get their knowledge from inaccurate movies and loose interest in palaeontology far too young.

And your help in making this dream come true will be truly appreciated.

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About Me

I am a paleo-artist with a predilection for Mesozoic life, although my fascination more broadly goes out to ancient life forms in general. Until recently I have worked with traditional media only (coloured- and/or graphite pencils), but have now discovered digital art, which I believe from now on will constitute the bulk of artwork I will produce. I have discovered my passion for paleo-art fairly late in life although I drew dinosaurs a lot when I was a child. I have always been interested in natural life's past and now I am combining these two things I love most to visualise natural life's past and thereby hopefully getting a new generation interested in the wonders of earth's past.

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Helmert Ravenhorst

Please get in touch directly for questions regarding my work, commissions or project proposals. I look forward to connecting.


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